Setting Achievable Business Goals for a Prosperous Year

newsletter run Jan 03, 2024

As we step into a new year, setting clear and achievable business goals is paramount for success. But how do we move beyond the generic resolutions and create goals that truly drive progress?

Beyond the Basics: Setting SMART Goals

Begin by revisiting the SMART criteria, but with a twist. Instead of just setting 'Specific' goals, dig deeper into the 'Why' behind each goal. What drives this specific goal, and how does it align with your larger business vision? In other words, what will achieving this goal mean for your business? For you?

Measurable Metrics: Going Beyond Revenue

While revenue is a key metric, expand your focus. Consider customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and innovation as measurable goals. How can improving these areas drive holistic growth for your business? Also consider doing a deep dive on your expenses. The CEO2CEO model and coaching program is an EXCELLENT place to start!

Achievable, Yet Challenging

A goal should stretch your capabilities without being unrealistic. For example, if increasing revenue is a goal, set a challenging yet achievable percentage increase. Then break it down into smaller, actionable steps (or micro-resolutions) that involve different aspects of your business, from marketing to product development.

Relevance in a Changing World

In today's rapidly evolving market, relevance is key. Ensure your goals reflect current market trends, technological advancements, and changing consumer behaviors. Engage in continuous learning and market research to keep your goals aligned with the industry. For example, what are your blind spots around AI? It's not going anywhere, so what's your plan to leverage this in your business?

Time-Bound with Flexibility

Setting deadlines is crucial, but allow flexibility. The business world is dynamic, and rigidity can lead to missed opportunities. Establish regular review periods to adjust your goals as needed.


Setting achievable business goals is more than a yearly ritual; it's a strategic process that demands introspection, market awareness, and flexibility. By setting thoughtful, well-researched goals, you can steer your business towards a prosperous year.


Action Item: Draft your business goals for the year using the enhanced SMART criteria.

Recommended Read: "Atomic Habits" by James Clear – for insights on making impactful changes.

Recommended Podcast: "Goal Setting for Business Success" on the Business Made Simple Podcast.


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