The Art of Attraction: Magical Tactics to Woo Your Prospects

grow newsletter Nov 08, 2023

Richard Terry is set to take the stage at the E4E November 15 meeting with a promise to sprinkle a little magic into your marketing strategies. His session, "The Magic of Wooing Your Prospects," draws from the wisdom of Vance Morris, a former Disney Marketing Director, to reveal five enchanting tactics that can transform the way you attract and retain customers.

Richard will delve into the art of creating experiences that captivate prospects and turn them into loyal fans. By applying the same principles that have made Disney a world leader in customer attraction and retention, you can learn how to create a brand experience so compelling that it not only draws prospects in but keeps them enchanted with your business. 

Actionable Checklist:

  • Evaluate your current customer experience from the first touchpoint.
  • List down the areas where your brand can create more magical moments.
  • Choose one tactic from Richard's session to implement immediately.


ACTION ITEM: REGISTER! Secure your spot at Richard Terry's session to uncover the secrets of wooing your prospects with the timeless magic of storytelling and experience.

RECOMMENDED READ: "Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service" by The Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni.

RECOMMENDED PODCAST: "The Disney Story Origins Podcast" for insights into the storytelling that powers the Disney magic.

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